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LED Highbay UFO lamp 1

LED Highbay UFO lamp

Due to the long life of the UFO LED lamps are used in warehouses, garages, workshops, sports halls, stores ect & #8230;
The LED variants provide direct light, making this a big difference compared to its predecessor.
The lamps are also a lot more efficient. Up to 10x more efficient. 

Te use at ceiling heights higher than 6 meters. That is why it is a must to use Ufo LED lamps in workshops, warehouses, etc.
The savings are enormous.

What are the major benefits of LED UFO Highbay lamps?

There are many advantages to LED Highbay lamps.
One is the long service life, which makes these LED alternatives very maintenance-friendly. 
The LED lamps are also waterproof (IP65 rating). The biggest advantage is the sea of light giving the lamps. Perfectly suited for spaces where a lot of light is needed.

Now a summary of the benefits:

  • Long lifespan
  • Direct light
  • Produces a lot of light
  • Economical
  • Maintenance friendly


Wattage Lumen
100w UFO LED 1400 lm
150w UFO LED 28000Lm
200w UFO LED 33600 lm
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