LED TL 15W T8 90cm cold white | 840 High lumens

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90cm LED TL is a professional LED TL with a interference-free filter.
A power factor of 0.95 and CE, Rohs, TÜV quality marks guarantee the best quality.
With that the best LED-TL tubes available on the market.

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The 90 cm LED TL in is equipped with the latest 2835 SMD LEDs. After years of experience, we can confirm that this LEDs not only have the highest efficiency and most beautiful light color, but are also the most reliable.

SMD LEDs have been used for decades in, for example, digital radio alarm clocks that provide light 24 hours a day. They have more than proven themselves when it comes to lifespan. These LEDs have only been available with normal light colors for a few years.

LED TL you save more than 60% in energy without noticeable difference in light output. Another advantage is the longer service life.
A normal one Fluorescent tube only lasts 10,000 hours in practice, one LED fluorescent tube at least 50,000 hours. In addition to the substantial savings on the energy bill, you also save considerably on replacement costs with LED TL. That is why your regular fluorescent tubes have been replaced by LED fluorescent tubes a very attractive investment that, in most cases, pays for itself within 2 years and then provides another 20 years of financial benefit.

What makes our LED TL so unique:

For example, we have a heat-conducting double-walled aluminum frame as a basis that dissipates the heat produced by the LEDs through the rear of the tube.

Also our LED TL a frosted glass acrylic cover, so that the light is nicely distributed and the LEDs are not visible. This new cover ensures that the switched on LED fluorescent tube looks exactly the same from a distance as a normal one LED TL. You will not see the difference! The ends are made of extra strong plastic so that these tubes are extra durable and during possible
transport cannot be damaged.

  • No RF interference - no flicker
  • Very little lumen loss due to oval shape and position LEDs.
  • Aluminum base ensures very good cooling.
  • Built-in, isolated and safe LED driver.
  • Certificates: CE, Rohs

How to install:

  • Do you have a fixture with a starter?
    Remove the starter and replace it with the optional LED starter and LED tube in it. Ready (see schedule)
  • Pay attention!
    If the fluorescent fixture uses a high-frequency ballast, remove it from the circuit and connect it as shown below on one side.

With LED starter:

With LED starter

Without starter a high-frequency ballast:

LED fluorescent diagram

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