Double-sided nano tape & #8211; Ultra strong and reusable

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Extremely powerful double-sided Nano tape from Yarled is a multifunctional adhesive tape that is reusable.
The eXtreme powerful adhesive force ensures that you can hang almost anything with it.


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Adheres to almost any surface. Can be used in a damp room. For outdoor use, your ideal partner is to hang or stick something.
The big advantage of the Nano Tape from Yarled is that no adhesive adhesives are used to stick. The extreme adhesive power of 2-4kg vertical carrying capacity, comes from very small nanogel molecules.
If your tape is removed there are no traces of use (like glue residues).

Washable & Reusable

The tape is therefore made of one nanogel that is very elastic and can be reused by simply washing it with water.
Once dry, the tape is ready for use again.


  • Suspending mirrors, timepieces, frames, coat racks etc. & #8230;
  • Avoid shifting seats, tables, tables, etc. & #8230;
  • Hang for example. attach your Smartphone to your car dashboard.
  • The applications are unlimited whatever you can imagine.

How to use?

Attach the tape by pressing well without using your fingers too much, thereby maximizing the adhesive strength.
The surface must be clean, dry and free of grease. Apply tape to as large a surface as possible for optimum bearing capacity.

Product specifications
Length 3m
Width 3 cm
Thickness 2 mm
Material Acrylic Nano PU gel, with polyester protective layer
colour Transparent
Temperature resistance -15 ° C to 65 ° C