A sanded aluminum recessed spot can be tilted


A sanded aluminum recessed spot that can be tilted 170196


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A sanded aluminum recessed spot. The metal square spot is fully adjustable; tiltable and rotatable without having to rotate the entire spot in its ceiling opening, which is quite special for a square recessed spot. Yet only one inner ring is present.

Qualitative and in terms of design comparable to the absolute top of the most expensive design brands. 


The halogen spotlight is recessed by 1 cm so that the glare and glare remain minimal. The halogen lamp is not fixed with a clamping spring but with a heavy aluminum ring. This ring can be pulled down to replace the halogen lamp. Due to the absence of the spring clip just below the halogen lamp, the appearance of this installation is quiet and sleek.

Pay attention:

Exclusive LED lamp
You will find the matching LED lamps https://www.ledshoponline.be/led-spot-gu10-230v/


MAT sanded ceiling plate in one direction from full aluminum. The spot ring has been sanded a little more, giving it a small accent to this spot.
Protection class: IP21 


Width: 8.4 x 8.4 cm.
Installation depth: 9 cm.

Saw size: → size may vary slightly!

Diameter 6.60 cm