Aluminum design recessed spot


Aluminum design recessed spot

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An aluminum design recessed spot for a very low price. A nice, compact, square spot. Exclusive LED lamp



An aluminum design recessed spot for a very low price. A nice compact square spot with a small ceiling edge. 
Qualitative and design wise comparable to the top of the more expensive design brands. 


Equipped with a small facet edge, both internally and externally, which gives a nice accent because these facet edges are slightly sanded through.
The halogen spotlight is also 1 cm recessed so that the view and glare remain minimal.
By using aluminum, this spot looks particularly sleek. Much tighter than a metal recessed spot can ever be.

Suitable for: 

Exclusive LED lamp
You can find the matching LED lights at


Absolutely MAT brushed in one direction from full aluminum.
On the inside a small facet edge that is more sanded and therefore has a satin gloss as an accent.
Made from one piece of solid aluminum.


Width: 8 x 8 cm.
Installation depth: 9 cm.

Saw size: 6.20 cm