ELTAKO LED dimmer 100W


This special LED dimmer is suitable for all dimmable 230v LED lamps and 12v Dimmable LED transformers on our site and also for our "dimmable 12v LED transformer". With this LED dimmer it is possible to be able to dim continuously with a range of at least 90% without flicker.


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This LED dimmer is a so-called 3d wire edimmer, which means that it needs 3 power wires. It needs 230V. The operation is via a pulse switch.


- Universal control voltage 8 to 253V AC or 10 to 230V DC
- For installation: 45 x 55 x 18 mm
- Suitable for R, L and C loads up to 400W
- Suitable for dimmable energy-saving lamps (ESL) up to 100W
- Suitable for dimmable 230V LED lamps up to 100W
- No minimum tax

This LED dimmer is for installation in a wall. The faceplates are interchangeable with JUNG / GIRA / BERKER / PEHA / NIKO etc so your own front panel that matches your switching material is no longer a problem!