LED dimmer phase cut-off and cut-off 1-300Watt


LED built-in dimmer works on phase cut & phase cut (PWM or Traic). As a result, almost all dimmable LED lamps are continuously dimmable. Both 12v and 230v LED lamps. You can also dim 230v LED strips with this dimmer.

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This dimmer suitable for all dimmable 230v LED lamps on our site. With this dimmer it is possible to be able to dim continuously with a range of at least 90% without flicker. Even 1 piece is no problem.

This dimmer is for installation in a wall. Delivered with white front and knob.

  • Against over-voltage and short-circuit through fuse
  • Load: minimum 1 watt, maximum 300 watt of LED

The dimmer has 3 positions:

  1. Phase cut-off (trailing edge), suitable for almost all dimmable 230v LED lamps, LED spots, LED recessed spots, etc.
  2. Phase cut-in (leading edge / triac), suitable for 12v or 24v dimmable transformers for 12v LED spots.
  3. Automatic position: The dimmer determines whether it is phase cut-off or phase cut-off and ensures correct dimmability.

Even 1 spot can be perfectly dimmed with this dimmer!

Pay attention! This dimmer cannot be installed in a switch and / or hotel switch. Furthermore, there must be one neutral wire be connected.

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Maximum up to 300w of LED


50 Hz