G4 LED halogen replacement flat 2W 6200k Cool white


Dimmable LED G4 halogen replacement flat with its 2w it replaces 20W with 2 year warranty.
cool white 6000-6200k


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We proudly present the long-awaited
LED LAMP alternative to the G4 mini halogen lights.
The light output is almost as bright as the original
but the lights use 5x less energy!


Tip: Replace your old power supplies with our LED power supplies for a longer service life. Also more economical.

Are your lights flickering?
Replace your power supply with an LED power supply. You will find such a transformer / power supply at to belong.

Do your lights flicker when dimming?
Replace your dimmer with a dimmer without a minimum requirement. You can find such a dimmer at to belong.

Perfect for home, caravan, etc.

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