E14 LED candle 4W-40W 2700k warm white dimmable
E14 filament LED candle 5W 2700k warm white dimmable
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E14 filament LED candle 5W 2700k warm white dimmable

8.95 5.95


Beautiful dimmable LED candle with filament / carbon wire technology. With the looks of an incandescent candle lamp only 10x more efficient and longer lasting. 2600-2700k warm white

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Is the E14 Filament LED lamp dimmable?

Yes this LED Filament Lamp is dimmable.
Pay close attention to your current dimmers which minimum wattage this requires to properly dim.

Quality guarantee?

The Yarled filament lamps contain the best quality Sapphire LEDs.
To keep the lamps nicely at the right temperature, the lamps are filled with a cooling gas.
This already guarantees a long service life.

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