LED hanging beam 12W warm-white


This LED light bar is made of aluminum. At the bottom the beam is equipped with built-in LED strips. A plastic plate is placed over the entire bottom. This way the light is nicely distributed and annoying views are prevented. This fixture hangs on the ceiling cap with two thin wires. The ceiling cap is made of steel.

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Led is known for its long service life and is very economical to use. The fixture also does not get hot.

Dimmable with a Tronic halogen dimmer.

Built-in: 1x 12 watt LED.

Light output: 1512 lumens

Consumption: 12 watts

Efficiency: 126 lumens per watt

Light color: 2700 Kelvin



width: 101.00 cm

height min: 40.00 cm

height max: 120.00 cm

depth: 6.00 cm


width: 101.00 cm

height: 0.70 cm

depth: 1.70 cm

Mounting bracket

length: 19.50 cm

Ceiling cover

width: 20.00 cm

height: 4.00 cm

depth: 6.00 cm