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LED strips op 220v 1

LED strips on 220v

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How does a 220v LED strip work?

The LED strip works on DC 220v - 230v.
You only need an EU plug for to AC 220v - 230v.
This is a dc to ac converter.

Can the LED strip be cut?

Yes the comic can per meter be cut up. To use the LED strip you need an EU plug. Can also be put together with accessories.
Up to 50m in 1 piece. Where a 12v LED strip max 10m and 24v LED strip max 20m in 1 piece.

Can you dim the LED strip?

Yes, you can do this perfectly with an LED dimmer for 230v LED strips.
Like these:

Dimmer voor enkel kleurige 230v LED strips


Summary of the advantages of the 220v / 230v LED strip:

  • Up to 50m in 1 piece.
  • No transformer on 220v - 230v (No extra consumption)
  • Can be cut by the meter
  • Dimmable with LED dimmer for 220v - 230v LED strips
  • Easy to install

In which colors is the 220v / 230v LED strip available?

The LED strips are available in Warm white, Cold white, RGB multi colors (Work with RGB controller).
They are also available in single colored red, blue and green.

What is a Neon LED strip?

A Neon LED strip is a strip that you can fold in all bends. You can even form letters with it. With us, the NEON LED strip is available in 220v / 230v. Another advantage of the strip is that it is milk-colored and you cannot see the LED chips. You also do not see the LEDs when the strip lights up.

LED strip 230V Neon flex koud-wit IP65 per meter

Does the LED strip work on 220v?

On our site, only 230v was mentioned in the text in the title (230v LED strips)
Of course we were regularly asked whether the LED strip works on 220v. In Europe it has long been 230v instead of 220v. Yet there is confusion. ?
Just for clarification. The strip therefore works on 220v to 240v. This as it comes out of the socket in the house.

Can the 220v LED strip be used outside?

Yes, the LED strip is IP68 tested.
However, it is not suitable for swimming pools or ponds.
This is because the strip works on 220v high voltage.

The LED strip is therefore perfectly applicable for outdoor use.
Often used on terraces, under a canopy, etc.

The beginning and end should be sealed with a good acid-free silicone.

How can you attach the LED strip?

This can be done with mounting clips. Ex. every meter
Bevestigingsklemmen voor 230v ledstrip

This is also possible in an Aluminum profile with cover.
The strip is thicker than a 12v or 24v LED strip and therefore you can only use the largest LED profiles.

The different 230v LED strips

12v & 24v LED strips

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