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LED Savings calculator

Calculate your savings with our savings calculator. The calculator tool has been specially developed to give you an idea of what your savings will be.

Why is it a good idea to replace your old bulbs with LED bulbs?

  • The purchase of a LED lamp has already been earned back in 1 year on average.
  • Longer lifespan, with good quality LEDs such as LEDshoponline
  • Better for your health, no flicker is not a headache.
  • No grid pollution, such as fluorescent lamps and energy-saving lamps.
  • Investing in LED is the future.
Wattage old lamp
Wattage LED lamp
Price old lamp ±
Price LED lamp
Price per KWh
Average burning hours per day
Days a week
Weeks a year
Payback period in number of years.0,58
Wattage old lamp Wattage LED lamp Burning hours per day Days a week Weeks a year Consumption per year
KWh per year
Price per KWh Consumption per year Cost / year      
?0,22X98,28=?21,62Savings per year in new situation
Price LED lamp Price old lamp ± Remaining amount Cost / year   
(?12,50-?0,00=?12,50)/?21,62= year
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