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Buy best LED panels: What to pay attention to? 1

Buying the best LED panels: What to watch out for?

What are LED panels?

LED panels are mainly intended for suspended ceilings and are often used in offices and shops. They can also be used with an optional frame as a surface for the ceiling.

The LED panels are available in different sizes. The current ones are 60 × 60 and 120 × 30. There are also LED panels of 30 × 30 and 120 × 60.

So something for everyone.

Advantages of LED panels:

There are many advantages of an LED panel compared to the classic fluorescent tube. This includes consumption up to 5x lower. A classic TL can flicker and feel uncomfortable. Which can cause headaches. You do not have this with his LED successor.
You can also dim an LED panel with a 0-10v dimmer. This requires the dimmable driver version. The luminaires are also dustproof.
The lifespan is also a lot longer to no less than 50,000, you can use a quality LED panel. You should certainly not leave it for the price, because the LED panels have become very affordable in recent years. Even cheaper than the previous fixture with fluorescent lamps.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Sustainable
  • Long lifespan up to 50,000 hours
  • No flickering
  • Does not get warm
  • Possible to dim
  • Beautiful design
  • Dust-free and splash-proof
  • Do not yellow

Accessories for an LED panel

Aluminum frame for mounting LED panel.
Available in aluminum color and painted white.

Led panel 120x30 surface mounted aluminum surface mounted frame
120X30 surface-mounted frame LED panel
LED panel 60x60 surface mounted aluminum surface mounted frame
60X60 surface-mounted frame LED panel

Are LED panels dimmable?

Hell yes. An LED panel is dimmable with a dimmable driver and a 0-10v dimmer. There is both a dimmer with remote control and a built-in wall dimmer. The panels are only dimmable with a 0-10v dimmer.

Buy a good quality LED panel?

There are various brands on the market. Mostly Chinese LED panels, both of good and bad quality. You usually see this in the price. The dirt cheap variants are made from cheap LEDs and materials.

Where is the price difference then?

As mentioned above. The materials.
The LED chips used are of great importance for light quality and strength.
Also the used material of the opal cover. Cheap will yellow, which is of course not nice.

Here at LEDshoponline we sell brands of LED panels, such as Tsong and Aigostar. These are made of good materials. The LEDs are from the Taiwanese Epistar with a high lumen range. A good driver is of great importance and ensures a very long life.
The LED panels are provided with various European approved quality labels. This guarantees a long life and safe to use.

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